Strengthening Families. Building Communities. Reducing Poverty.
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    Rely on Catholic Charities to help you build islands of mercy for children going to bed hungry, for families torn by stress, and for women with unplanned pregnancies who don’t know where to turn. 

    Each year Catholic Charities serves more than 18,000 people, many of whom receive multiple services, so that they can improve their life situations and move forward with hope.

    Thank you for sharing your blessings! You bring hope to others as you build islands of mercy.

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  • Refugee, Citizenship & Language


    Catholic Charities welcome newly arrived refugee families to Charlotte. Refugees are victims of war, political upheaval, religious, economic or ethnic persecution. They are forced to leave homes, families, friends, jobs and possessions to stay alive. Most flee to neighboring countries where they are confined to refugee camps for many years. A fortunate few have an opportunity to resettle in other countries, often far from their homeland and with many challenges like a language barriers, culture differences, different job opportunities and educational requirements.

    We provide services to help refugees adapt to their adopted homeland by becoming self-sustaining and productive members of their community.

    Refugee woman

    These services include:

    • assistance with housing
    • social services
    • health care referrals
    • school registration
    • community and cultural orientation
    • budgeting and financial education


    The office also provides:

    • employment assistance
    • driver's education
    • interpretation services
    • transportation to initial appointments


    Instruction in English as a Second Language is available through referrals to the community college.  Catholic Charities began a youth program in 2006 for refugee children who attend public school.

    The primary goal of the resettlement process is to help refugees work toward self-sufficiency and as contributing members of society and, eventually, attain their citizenship.  Refugee's determination and perseverance is evident as they regain their hopes and dreams to live and thrive in Charlotte.


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  • History

    Our History


    The history of organized charitable outreach sponsored by the Catholic Church in North Carolina began over a century ago with the establishment of hospitals that offered free or low fee services to the poor by Benedictine monks and the Sisters of Mercy. The next major step in charitable outreach occurred in 1948 when Bishop Vincent S. Waters of the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh (which at that time covered the entire state) incorporated The Bureau of Catholic Charities to provide services to the poor and vulnerable. One year later, Bishop Waters extended services across the state with the opening of a Catholic Charities branch office in Charlotte. The agency was initially staffed by the Missionary Servants of the Blessed Trinity, an order of Roman Catholic sisters devoted to education, health care, and social services. The sisters provided pregnancy support, maternity care, foster care, and adoption services to families throughout the state of North Carolina.

    Following a mid-century trend among some Catholic Charities agencies, in 1962 Bishop Waters changed the agency name to Catholic Social Services, Inc. After the formation of the Diocese of Charlotte, Bishop Michael J. Begley organized the charitable outreach in western North Carolina under the legal name of Catholic Social Services of the Diocese of Charlotte, North Carolina, Inc. On May 17, 2013— the 40th anniversary of the agency’s incorporation – a next step in the life of the agency took place with the renaming to Catholic Charities Diocese of Charlotte by Bishop Peter J. Jugis. This name change and the adoption of a new logo were made to renew agency roots in the Church’s long history of charitable outreach to the poor, vulnerable, and those in need of services.

    Since its beginning with three religious sisters, Catholic Charities Diocese of Charlotte has grown to a staff of over sixty professionals and hundreds of volunteers providing services encompassing assistance to individuals and families experiencing a need for:

    • Foster care, adoption, and pregnancy services
    • Individual, marriage, and family counseling
    • Distribution of donated services to the needy
    • Family enrichment services such as elder ministry, marriage preparation, and natural family planning
    • Refugee resettlement and immigration services
    • Disaster relief
    • Economic opportunity development
    • Support for pregnant teens and teens in crisis
    • Social concerns education and advocacy, including justice and peace, Catholic Relief Services, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, and respect life outreach 


    These services are provided either free of charge or on a sliding fee scale regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion.

    Demonstrating commitment to quality services, Catholic Charities Diocese of Charlotte has been accredited since 2007 by the Council on Accreditation, a national accrediting body for human service agencies. In addition, Hague accreditation was received in 2008 to provide adoption services under The Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoptions. The agency has been licensed as a child-placing agency by the State of North Carolina since 1954.

    Although the Catholic Church’s charitable outreach has operated under a variety of legal names since the 1940’s, the essential mission of carrying out the work of charity has remained constant.

    Catholic Charities Diocese of Charlotte strengthens families, builds communities, and reduces poverty.


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  • Children & Youth


    Catholic Charities offers an array of services dedicated to enriching the lives of children and youth.  Programs assist in promoting growth and resolving issues in a young person's life.  From helping refugee children increase educational success to resolving difficulties in parent/child relationships, Catholic Charities provides a safe, nurturing environment for children to achieve their full potential.


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