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Calling for Prayer, Reflection and Education - Responding to the Recent Tragic Events in Charlotte

Calling for Prayer, Reflection and Education - September 2016

Responding to the Recent Tragic Events in Charlotte

Some of you said: this system can no longer be endured. We must change it; we must put human dignity again at the center and on that pillar build the alternative social structures we need. It must be done with courage, but also with intelligence, with tenacity but without fanaticism, with passion but without violence. And among us all, addressing the conflicts without being trapped in them, always seeking to resolve the tensions to reach a higher plane of unity, peace and justice.  (Pope Francis, Excerpt from Address to the World Meeting of Popular Movements October 29, 2014)

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The recent tragic events in Charlotte are on the minds of Diocese of Charlotte parishioners, as well as a frequent topic of conversation in our homes, places of work and our parishes.  Please find here, helpful resources as the Church calls for prayer, reflection, and education.  Please also visit the website of the Catholic News Herald for information on the response to the recent events in Charlotte taking place in the Diocese of Charlotte. Together may we all pray for and work to bring about a society of justice, peace, and mercy.

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