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Overview: Refugee Resettlement Office Employment Services

The Refugee Resettlement Office Employment Services Staff is tasked with assisting the refugee population in the Charlotte Metro Area to obtain employment and to become self-sufficient.  Upon arrival, refugees receive an orientation to the world of work in the USA.  Included in the orientation is an assessment of their education, training and work experience.  An Employability Plan is developed for each new arrival. It includes a Plan of Action that identifies a specific position with an employer.  They receive an in-depth explanation of the hiring process and instruction in job seeking and keeping skills.   After introducing our families to the world of work, the staff provides ongoing job counselling and assistance in their job search.  Potential employers are contacted to develop job opportunities.  The staff assists the refugees to navigate the application and interview process.  After they are hired, post-employment follow-up and ongoing support services are provided to maximize their chances for success and integration into community life.

The Employment Services Staff has relationships with many Charlotte Metro area employers to assist them with their staffing needs by providing workers from a diverse labor pool. Employers quickly discover that refugees have an excellent work ethic and are determined to succeed.  Additionally, they realize that refugees can reduce turnover rate, enhance quality, improve efficiency and increase production. Our goal is to place our families in jobs with employers who respect their dignity, provide skills development and offer opportunities for advancement.           

Refugees are successfully employed in many area industries.  They work in industries ranging from warehouse distribution to hospitality. As often as possible, the employment staff look for opportunities with employers who offer training that leads to careers. All Refugee Employment assessment, screening, referral and placement services are free of charge.  Also, the employment staff assists with translation and interpretation services, transportation, new employee orientation and support services after the refugee is hired.

If you or you know someone interested in learning more about hiring our families, please contact the employment staff at 704-370-3285 or 704-370-3397.



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