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Diocese of Charlotte Responds to September Disasters

Parishioners across the Diocese of Charlotte will have the chance to help victims of the recent Hurricane Irma and Maria disasters, as well at the recent earthquakes in Mexico, on the weekends of September 30 & October 1 through a special collection taken up at Masses at participating parishes.  The special collection will fund both short-term emergency aid as well as long-term disaster recovery efforts.  Donations should be made payable to one's local parish, noted for "Disaster Relief."  Donations will be forwarded by parishes to the diocesan finance office, which will then distribute the funds to Church partners offering disaster relief and recovery to affected communities.

In his September 21 memo to pastors about this collection, Msgr. Mauricio West, Vicar General and Chancellor of the Diocese of Charlotte, wrote, "As you are no doubt aware, southeastern USA and parts of the Caribbean have been struck by devastating flooding and winds caused by Hurricane Irma, and this week Hurricane Maria has continued the destruction in the Caribbean, especially in Puerto Rico.  We are also receiving updates of the death and damage in Mexico from two recent earthquakes.  Several major disasters occurring in such a short space of time have indeed created a situation beyond which the local communities and agencies cannot handle without outside assistance, and for this reason we are calling for an additional disaster response collection."  In his memo, Msgr. West acknowledged that this newly announced collection is taking place soon after the special diocesan-wide collection in response to Hurricane Harvey, yet  he explained that this additional collection was needed since several new regions have recently been affected by major disasters.

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PLEASE CONSIDER VISITING THE "PRAYERS IN TIMES OF NATURAL DISASTERS" RESOURCE PAGE FROM XAVIER UNIVERSITY IN OHIO.  Find a prayer or two you like or just say what comes to your heart, but let's all pray frequently for those affected by the recent hurricane and earthquake disasters.  The recovery process will take a great deal of time and effort.  As people of faith, we know that prayer must be the foundation for this recovery effort.

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