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Catholic View for Women Introduction


I found a gem in EWTN's new series The Catholic View for Women. I propose that we watch this series through the year, and learn together how we can embrace the dignity we have as Christian women. This series offers discussions of being Catholic women in today's culture, radical vs. the new feminism, seeing yourself as Christ sees you, contraception, and certain model women through time. Each session is available online as a free download, along with discussion questions and links to further resources. Topics range from ordinary to sublime—which, really, are meant to be one and the same!

Let us start each session on a Marian Feast day, recognizing that Our Lady is our model:

January 1 Mary, Mother of God
Episode #1: Introduction to The Catholic View for Women

February 2 Purification of the Virgin
Episode #2: Finding Your Own Catholic Identity/Vocation

March 26 Annunciation
Episode #3: Radical Feminism vs. New Feminism

May 31 The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Episode #4: Extreme Makeover: Seeing Yourself through the Eyes of Christ

August 15 Assumption into Heaven
Episode #5: Contraception - Not!

October 7 Most Holy Rosary
Episode #6: Women and the Church through the Centuries

You can view the episodes at

You can do this by yourself, with friends, or perhaps as a study group at your church!

As my spiritual director recently wrote me (I cannot take credit for this wisdom!),"With you, in Him, under her"! We will journey together this year toward our Lord with Mary's guidance!

Batrice Adcock, MSN, RN, is the Natural Family Planning Program Director.

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