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Children & Youth


Catholic Charities offers an array of services dedicated to enriching the lives of children and youth.  Programs assist in promoting growth and resolving issues in a young person's life.  From helping refugee children increase educational success to resolving difficulties in parent/child relationships, Catholic Charities provides a safe, nurturing environment for children to achieve their full potential.


  • Adoption
  • After-School
  • Counseling
  • Pregnancy Support
  • Teen Parenting

Catholic Charities Diocese of Charlotte has been fully licensed by the state of North Carolina as a child-placing agency since 1948. We provide services to 46 counties in the western region of North Carolina. We welcome families of all faiths and ethnicities. We believe that every child deserves to have a family to guide them through life. It is important to know that as you build your family through adoption, your journey does not end with the placement of a child. Our professional staff will provide ongoing support, guidance and education to all members of the adoption circle for a lifetime.

We are available to provide comprehensive services as well as contractual services. As you explore adoption through Catholic Charities, you will find a variety of options and a sliding fee scale that will meet your family’s needs.

Domestic Adoption

Who can adopt?

  • Couples or individuals
  • Must be a resident of North Carolina for a minimum of six (6) months
  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • If married, must be married for a minimum of two (2) years

How do I adopt?

The first step in our adoption process is to contact the adoption social worker to schedule a face to face consultation. During this visit you will learn more about adoption and our process. We will provide you with the application and you will have the opportunity to ask the very important questions that will help you make the best plan for your family.

In North Carolina, every family that adopts must have an approved pre-placement assessment. The assessment is the process by which the family engages with Catholic Charities staff to determine the readiness and preparedness to become an adoptive family. A key element of this process is the preparation of the family for placement including education, support and contact with other adoptive families. The assessment is completed within 90 days of the date your application is accepted for the pre-placement assessment process.

How am I matched?

Once your pre-placement assessment has been completed and approved you are ready for the next steps in your adoption journey. You will complete a parent profile that can be shared with expectant parents. Waiting time varies per family and placement is not guaranteed. There are a variety of factors that determine how quickly you are matched including degrees of openness and flexibility your family is willing to consider.


We are happy to assist you by providing general information about the intercountry adoption process and referring you to agencies in the area that provide intercountry adoption services.


After building your family through adoption, you may experience some adjustments and challenges. Our professional staff is available as a resource for your family to provide counseling, information and referrals, and other supportive services as needed to help your family overcome the challenges that may arise through your experiences with adoption.


Catholic Charities can act as a Confidential Intermediary (CI) to provide identifying and non-identifying information to

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Refugee After-School

Children living in refugee camps and war-torn countries have limited access to education. Refugees arrive in the country often years behind the educational standards considered average. It is important to supplement their education to ensure success, both in the classroom and in adapting to their new home.

Refugee children receive home work assistance, enrichment, and mentoring in the Catholic Charities after-school program, Refugee School Impact Program. Begun in 2006, the program is available to refugee children who attend public school from ages 6-18 years.

During the school year, services include an after-school program for middle school clients that meet two days a week and an after-school program for elementary school clients that meets two days a week. The after-school programs focus on homework completion, tutoring, help with reading, and activities to reinforce English skills. Themes covered in the after-school program vary to some degree, but generally include topics related to health, safety, nutrition, and the interests of the program participants. Parents participate in an orientation and case coordination to help them and their children take advantage of educational opportunities and achieve academic success. Teachers report that students in the after-school program achieve and maintain an A/B average.

Summer program info :

1) A Newcomer’s ESL class is held during the summer for refugees ages 6-18 arriving in April, May, and June. (a 5-week ESL class for newly arrived refugees)

2) During the summer we offer a 5-week summer camp for refugees who have been in the U.S. up to 5 years

3) 5-week orientation program for newly arrived refugee youth ages 12-18 and their parents.

Ultimately, Catholic Charities hopes to assist and empower refugee families to realize their academic potential and achieve their educational goals. Many refugee children complete post-secondary education.

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Counseling session

Catholic Charities offers individual, family, premarital, marital, and group counseling.  Counselors have Master level degrees in counseling, social work, marriage and family therapy, and/or pastoral counseling.

The counselor strives to:

  • meet each client where they are in their personal journey and help the client address their challenges on a cognitive, behavioral and emotional level.

  • pursue their own professional and personal development so as to better facilitate healing, growth and maturity in our clients.

The Piedmont Triad Office of Catholic Charities offers a unique counseling program for children and their families.  School-age children/youth and their families can receive support through free counseling that is provided by masters-level, licensed counselors whose goal is to help to restore and maintain healthy family relationships and work to resolve crises in a positive manner.  Counseling is free and no income requirements are considered.  Bilingual counselors offer counseling in English or Spanish.

The counseling program in Asheville offers bilingual counseling as well.




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If you are having a baby, you may be in shock.   You may feel denial, anger, fear, confusion or embarrassment.

You may not think you can deal with this unexpected event in your life, but you can because you have the strength and courage to make the decisions that you think are in the best interests of your baby and you.  Take a deep breath, remember you are a good person, and give us a call.  Our experienced social workers are here to listen and provide compassion, respect, encouragement and support.  We will meet with you for as long as necessary, to help you make the decision you think is best for you and your baby.  We are here to support you without pressure as you explore and plan for your child.  

We provide:

  • Free confidential counseling
  • Services for expectant parents of all races and faiths
  • Traditional, Semi-open or Fully Identified adoptions
  • Assessments for referrals for medical, housing and financial needs
  • Post - delivery counseling


Every step of the way, Catholic Charities is here to support you, and provide encouragement and understanding. 

It’s OK.  You don’t have to know today what you want to do.  You have some time to sort this out.   Your family and friends may make lots of suggestions.  Some of those suggestions may be helpful to you and some may not.   You may feel pushed to make one decision or another.  We believe you have positive options that value of the life of your baby, and will help you feel good about yourself and make you proud of the choices you made for your baby



If you are considering whether you are the best prepared to take care of and provide for your baby, there are many questions that have to be answered.  Working with our experienced social workers, you will look at your dreams for the future.  You and your social worker will explore your ability to finish your education, get and keep a job, and be good parent. Most importantly you will explore how you can give your baby the care he or she needs and deserves.  We’ll help you look at what’s in the community as resources to help you be prepared to be a good parent.

There are so many things to consider, remember you are not alone…..

For further information, please contact Mishaun Mitchell, MSW, Adoption Social Worker at 704-370-3222 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Catholic Charities offers support, encouragement, and education to teen parents in an effort to prepare them for future independence and self-
sufficiency. The program employs an individualized and age-appropriate approach to working with teen parents that takes into account the teen's age and maturity level, the age of their child, and their living situation. The program identifies the teen's strengths, giving them the support and encouragement to overcome challenges, empowering them to believe in themselves, and celebrating their successes.

The program goals focus on three broad areas that will have impact on the future life trajectory for the teen and their child. These three goals are healthy decision-making, academic achievement, and comprehensive life skills training.

1.) Healthy decision-making includes regular medical care for self and child, avoiding risky behaviors, and effective and age-appropriate parenting skills to increase interactions with their child, support the child's development, and prepare the child for school.

2.) Academic achievement includes encouraging teen parents to attend school regularly and earn passing grades to graduate from high school, and to consider and pursue further training/education.

3.) Comprehensive life skills training focuses on relationship skills (communication skills, conflict resolution, anger management, and compromise), employment preparation (resumes, job applications, interview skills, appropriate attire), financial literacy (budgeting, bank accounts, saving, and community resources), and independent living skills (household maintenance, cooking, transportation, and support systems).

Individualized in-home services are provided on a monthly basis to teen parents by a Parent Educator using the evidence-based curriculums Parents as Teachers and Ages and Stages. The Parent Educator provides child development and parenting information specific to each child in addition to addressing basic issues of child care, health care, nutrition, discipline, and school preparation.

A Case Coordinator meets with the teen parents monthly to address avoiding risky behaviors, school issues, family issues, basic family needs, and transportation challenges, financial issues, and preparing for self-sufficiency. Both the Parent Educator and Case Coordinator also meet with and provide information to the parents or guardians of the teen parents to illicit their support and involvement in helping their child reach self-sufficiency.

Monthly peer support group meetings provide an opportunity in a group setting for speakers to present information on a variety of topics pertinent to teen parents.


Counseling services are available to teen parents and their families to address and resolve issues within the family. Other supportive services available from the agency include parenting classes for the teen's parents, a food pantry, and an infant/toddler clothing closet. Teen parents receive diapers, formula, small gifts and incentives as a benefit for participating in the program.

The teen parent support program is for first time expectant and parenting teens from 12 to 21 years of age. The program serves both teen mothers and teen fathers.

Special Services:

Peer support group meetings are unique component of our teen parenting program. Providing the opportunity for teen/young adult parents to meet with and support each other is important for participants. Meeting as a group facilitates discussion on topics and issues that

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