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The Employment Staff assists refugees obtain employment and become self-sufficient.  Upon arrival, refugees receive an orientation to the local work environment.  Included in the orientation is an assessment of education, training and work experience.  An Employability Plan is developed for each new arrival.   Additionally, they receive an explanation of the hiring process and instruction in job seeking and keeping skills.  The staff provides ongoing job counseling and assists the refugees in their job search.  Potential employers are contacted to develop job opportunities for them.  The staff assists the refugees navigate the application and interview process.  After they are hired, post employment counseling and ongoing support services are provided to maximize their chances for success and integration into community life.

The Employment Staff works closely with Charlotte Metropolitan area employers to provide workers from a diverse labor pool of skilled and unskilled applicants who are eager to work.  They have an excellent work ethic and are determined to succeed.  Hiring refugees can reduce turnover rate, enhance quality, improve efficiency and increase production.  They are reliable and hard working.  Refugees are successfully employed in many area industries including, but not limited to commercial bakeries, food processing, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, recycling, warehouse/distribution and woodworking.  Catholic Charities is a member of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce and is involved in many chamber events.

All Refugee assessment, screening, referral and placement services are free of charge.  Also, the employment staff assists with translation and  interpretation services, transportation, new employee orientation and support services after the refugee is hired.

If you are interested in hiring refugees or learning more about the services available, please contact the Employment Staff at 704-370-3285 or 704-370-3257. 


Over the past five years, DMSI has had an outstanding relationship with Catholic Charities which has enabled us to provide many opportunities for the Charlotte refugee population.  The clients we serve have been extremely pleased with these placements as they have been adaptable, eager and loyal workers with a strong sense of urgency and desire, which is unique in today's labor force.  We are proud to be able to offer refugees the chance to start a new life for themselves and their families. 

Charles Boorman
DMSI Staffing, LLC.


Employer Quotes

Working with the refugees has been rewarding. They are enthusiastic workers and not only hard working but very dependable. We would hire more if we could.

Kim Sabitini
Chief Operating Officer
WEPAK Corporation

Employer Quotes

Catholic Charities has been instrumental in referring hard working and upstanding refugee applicants. They have helped us to hire some of the most delightful, hard working associates we have had the pleasure to work with.

Sharon D Witherspoon
Director of Human Resources
Charlotte Marriott Executive Park

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